Taxes can seem overwhelming, especially international taxes, multiple country filings, international payrolls, and constant tax law changes. Our taxation specialists at AmeriTax have worked direclty for the U.S. I.R.S. and other Big 4 accounting firms and bring a wealth of knowledge and abilities to help simplify the process.
Moving abroad? Already living overseas? International Taxpayers frequently find themselves in situations in which advisory can lead to positive outcomes and reduce bad surprises.

Ameritax has solutions for expatriates, self- employed,  investors, business owners, retirees,  students, international organizations, and government employees.
Each unique situation carries opportunities for advisory to reach positive outcomes.
AmeriTax specializes in U.S. , French and other International Income Tax Returns for both Residents and Non-residents.

U.S. Individual Forms 1040, 1040 NR and supporting schedules. 

French Tax forms
2042, 2042-C, 2044,

U.S. / French Foreign Bank Account Reporting Forms
U.S. FBAR TDF 90-22.1
U.S. FATCA 8938
French N° 3916

AmeriTax Your Specialist in u.S. and International Tax

U.S. Tax

Individual, Business and Estates/Trusts Tax Returns. U.S. Resident / Non-residents.
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French Tax

French Income IR and Wealth Tax Returns ISF. Resident and Non-resident. 
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Tax Consulting / Advisory

Personalized solutions for international taxpayers and representatives. 
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